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CFA Registered Siamese Cats
Recommended Books and Links

Interesting Books about Siamese cats and website links

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Recommended Books:

  1. Cat Watching by Desmond Morris
  2. Cat Care, Naturally: Celest Yarnall's Complete Guide to Holistic Health Care for Cats by Celeste Yarnall

  3. One Hundred Years of Siamese Cats by May Eustace

All can be found at Amazon online bookstore


Children's Books about Siamese Cats

  • Henry the Sailor Cat by Mary Calhoun
  • Cross Country Cat by Mary Calhoun
  • Blue Ribbon Henry by Mary Calhoun
  • High-Wire Henry by Mary Calhoun
  • The Grannyman
  • The Chinese Siamese Cat by Amy Tan
  • Thor the Thunder Cat
  • Acrobat Cats (Sagwa Easy-to-read 1) by George Daugherty

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