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CFA Registered Siamese Cats
Siamese Album


Welcome to our home where Siamese is spoken...
Occasionally we have kittens and young spayed or neutered show adults available.

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Siamese Cats are Art in Motion


Another staff member hard at work

Siamese use all the vowels and 11 consonants when they talk

Siamese cats are easily trained to fetch, leash walk and shoulder ride

Baby Siamese always looking for a spot of sun


The first Siamese cats leaving Siam were a pair the king gave as a farewell gift to the British Consul General when he left Bangkok in 1884.  Siamese could only be given as gifts by the King of Siam.
Original Siamese had crossed eyes and kinked tails; they were said to be related to the Felis chaus, a jungle cat in Siam.


Kitten Kindergarten

Siamese are tropical, heat seeking cats

All Siamese celebrate Halloween


A Yonder son, GC Geishagoll Skye's the Limit
Siamese come in four colors: Seal point, Chocolate point,Lilac point and Blue point

Geishagoll Siamese, Salt Lake City, UT