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CFA Registered Siamese Cats


Welcome to our web site about Siamese Cats!
We are a CFA registered Cattery located along the beautiful Wasatch Mountains near Salt Lake City, Utah. We breed only pure Siamese in seal point, chocolate point, lilac point and blue point.  Health, personality, balance and beautiful color describe what we consider important.
   Occasionally we have kittens and young spayed/neutered adults occasionally available.
Kittens available in September. Click here for more information.

Available Siamese

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 The ideal Siamese is a svelte, dainty cat with long tapering lines. It is very lithe but muscular.

Although no official records have been found, no doubt exists that the Siamese cat originated in the country of Siam which is now known as Thailand. It is believed that these cats were held in such high esteem in their native country that no one except the King and members of the royal family were permitted to own them. The myth persists that these cats were used in Siam to guard temples. This is quite believable inasmuch as the nature of the cat is outgoing, tempered with a great capacity for love of its master. Often a Siamese will attach itself to one person. Recorded history does show that in 1884, the first pair of Siamese cats arrived in England. These were given as a parting gift to the British Counsel General, Mr. Owen Gould, by the king of Siam. The first Siamese cat to come to the United States arrived in 1890. (Marge Naples)

We reserve the right to refuse sales.

Elegance, lovely color contrast and style all define the Siamese Cat.

GC Geishgoll Canyon Colors
Chocolate Point Male Siamese

The four point colors in pure Siamese Cats are: Seal point, Chocolate point, Lilac point and Blue point.

Geishagoll Siamese in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA